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Tontachi: Collect. Connect. Compete.

Tontachi is a new age, augmented reality pet racing simulator for iOS & Android. Collect.

As a former, washed up street racer that has come to inherit a pig farm, you embark on a journey to salvage your "Street Cred" by racing Pigs and collecting Pig Friends. Tontachi stands for "Pigs" or "Pig Friends" in Japanese.

Tons (Pigs) can be found in your local environment and like having their "Pigture" taken. Compete against them via AR-races in your local environment and in doing so unlock the path to the official racing circuit taking place at official locations at landmarks found in your city!

Challenge up to 4 friends in Local AR races at any time or find new real competitors on the official racing circuit. Tontachi ultimately becomes a digital and location-based experience in a vibrant world that you help define and dominate.

Think PokemonSNAP meets MarioKart.




WurmZ: Unnatural, Unreal, Unleashed

Take control of a vicious beast set to rival the legendary Godzilla itself.

WurmZ is a mobile game for iOS and Android devices. A dark-humoured, arcade style 'endless runner' done with ye' old school pixel art.

Traverse through various levels and areas of the world as you rid the world of toxic waste, or just destroy it.


Who dunnit?

A Murder Mystery adventure made within 24hours during GlobalGameJam2014.

Credits to: Nick Bergen, Vinny DaSilva, Andy Hall, Jennifer Lay, John Wolff


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