Urban Electronics Game Development

Urban Electronics is a Social Video Game Development Company. We strive for two things: Society and Innovation

Society meaning that we attempt to bring to you games that are not only fun, but different, and that carry a message. Urban Electronics makes, "Games With Meaning".

The Innovation is us making interesting and fun games using different combinations of resources that we feel works well and that you'd like. We like to call these our "Game Experiments".

We hope you'll like, as well as look forward to, the types of content we can blend together and present to you. Enjoy!

Social Game Development

You're probably asking yourself how one can be social during game development. Well, we simply like to speak our minds and would like others to do the the same. We willingly invite you to observe and participate in our video game development process. Watch us work, and if you like what you see (even if you don't) say something about it because we are very interested in knowing and growing from it.

It's for this reason that we started our Games for the People project. It's the next step in social game development.

Sound Good? Then follow along and participate:
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Latest Developments

Twitter Feed added to the main page.
Now you can witness all of the minor updates and conversations relating to Urban Electronics right on our main page.

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We'll keep you updated as things happen. Expect the first post soon!